Lines of Sight at Midway Gallery

From the Flash Forward Festival website:

"As photography assumes a daily role in the investigation of our personal world and our constructed knowledge of it, these seven photographers — Caleb Churchill, Matthew Cronin, Vivian Ewing, Cole Don Kelley, Lindsay Metivier, Courtney Nimura, and Trevor Powers — meditate on the capacity of image-making to extract, rephrase, and construct meaning in our everyday lives."

May, 2016

Wash and Fold Press

Wash and Fold Press, a new press project by Vivian Ewing that aims to collaborate with and publish queer and women-identified artists, is coming with support from Space Gallery and The Andy Warhol Foundation's Kindling Fund. From the Kindling Fund website: 

"Wash and Fold Press will help writers and artists reach the public by collaboratively printing, binding and publishing their original works. In conjunction with book-releases, the project will organize social events for the featured writers and artists including talks, demonstrations and performances. The project will also hold library hours for open reading and will seek stockists for the books. Wash and Fold Press aims to celebrate how the book form brings artists, designers and writers together on paper and in person."

post on Space's IG page here

More details and an open call to follow. 

Fiction and photographs in Papersafe Magazine

Papersafe's Issue 7 is out, featuring work by Vivian Ewing in text + images - along with one other piece of writing and ten photography features. 

From foreward: "The two short essays were written by photographers who gain inspiration from the natural world (the wild), and whose writing attempts to address the theme in less obvious ways. The pieces bring about a sense of urgency, comfort, and fear while simultaneously providing a deeper and more complex perspective from which to approach the photographs throughout the issue."